Your life – your decisions. Get rid of the addictions!
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27.02.2013 16:20
pic-ecolife “You don’t smoke or drink – oh my!
Do you think you’ll never die?”
People often say it when they learn that
someone doesn’t drink alcohol or doesn’t
smoke. They mean – we won’t live any longer
 so why should we be deprived of all the
 pleasures? But the idea is not to live as
long as possible (though it is hot-button, too).
 The aim is to live a quality life.

You are to choose what kind of life that would be. Will you just survive or will you live in full spending your energy not on medical treatment but on personal development and pursuing your goals? Will you be happy about your life? Will you share this happiness with other people?

The main idea here is that people, who don’t smoke, don’t consume alcohol and keep an eye on what they eat don’t work just to buy medicines. They practically do not get ill. And even if they fall sick they can cope with such condition with the help of natural treatment. Human being is also an essential part of nature which really has everything we need. We just have not to linger and apply remedies as soon as we feel bad. Otherwise the treatment can take much longer. Nature is ideal as well as the human body. We have to learn to use properly things that she offers to us.

 While discussing the topic people often ask "How do you relax?” The answer to the question how to unwind without any dope like alcohol, tobacco and harmful products is simple – you shouldn’t strain psychologically. People have to control their feelings. You may react the situation properly without any harm to yourself – being calm, having left all the emotions behind or just not paying attention to what is happening if you understand that you cannot influence situation on some reasons or just do not want to.

 You should remember that owing to a nervous condition a person can get really sick. This may cause long fight during for the whole life. This is especially true about over-emotional people who cannot accept external world adequately. They try to control their emotions and to keep them bottled up inside, think the situation over and over again and again notwithstanding the fact the events that caused the obsessional feelings are far behind.

It is vitally important to remember that a long-term stress can be really harmful to our organism – especially when a person is under stress for many hours, days, weeks or even months.

So, in order to be healthy you have to stay calm and keep an eye on what you really consume on everyday basis.

In addition, you have to take into account that food can strongly influence us – in a bad way too, if it becomes an addiction. Nowadays the producers process the food very thoroughly and professionally, adding different antibiotics and taste intensifiers. These products can be stored for a long period, they do not spoil and are very easy and pleasant to consume. At the same time they have little or no useful ingredients and can be really harmful.

 We often forget that food is necessary only to support our vital activity. We have turned it into cult and became dependent on it. Remember, that even if a person doesn’t have such withdrawal pains as heroin addicts, it doesn’t mean that this person isn’t addicted to sugar, for instance.

The matter is that this kind of food stimulates dopamine release. This hormone stimulates the brain, it brings us pleasure and satisfaction. Dopamine is naturally produced in great amounts during positive experience – tasty food, sex and stimulators, associated with them. There are synthetic prototypes of dopamine as well as stimulators of its release. Among them – different taste intensifiers and also drugs – heroine, nicotine, alcohol. They all increase the dopamine generation and its release into the brain.

In the modern world where a lot of things are done under commercial influence producers learned to make products that stimulate our satisfaction and lure consumers into consuming this food. As a result, people become dependent on it.

That’s why be serious about what you eat and drink, consume only natural products and be healthy.

Dmitriy A.Gaun

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